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WhatsApp for BB10 is Still Functioning in 2018 [Update]

Whatsapp 2018 | WhatsApp for BB10 is Still Functioning in 2018 - Last week, WhatsApp version BlackBerry 10 can no longer be used after the year 2017 is over. However, a number of users reported can still use the app on a BlackBerry 10 device like the Passport and Z30.

WhatsApp for BB10

WhatsApp for BB10

According to the statement of WhatsApp 2018, the application in the device operating system BlackBerry 10 is in the middle of mode transition. At this time, the application can still function, even if called in just a short span of time before there are significant changes.

WhatsApp calls this change in the form of the inability of users to perform re-installation of applications that have been deleted on the WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10 platform. In addition, the user also will not be able to verify the cell phone number on BlackBerry 10, while this process is an important step to complete the installation.

After a period of two weeks ending on the 14th of January next, WhatsApp 2018  BlackBerry 10 will enter the stage of expiration. The application can no longer connect to the main server WhatsApp.

During this period, users will still be able to read the previous message, however not supported a guarantee or warranty of WhatsApp. However, the BlackBerry 10 platform have now can run the application version of Android, so that users can install and utilize the application WhatsApp Android version.

WhatsApp for BB10 is Still Functioning in 2018

Users are also advised to install additional applications such as WhatsFixer, so that the user WhatsApp the Android version on the BlackBerry 10 platform can send and share multimedia content.

After WhatsApp, a major publication from the United States, the New York Times also announced the termination of support for the application version of the BlackBerry 10 works. Termination of such support is valid from the month of February.

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