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Free Download WhatsApp 2018 Latest Version - Chatting with friends and Family with Whatsapp the Latest Version 2018 and update new features the interesting Whatsapp 2018 for Android, Windows PC, Mac OS, iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia Java, Symbian s60, Windows Phone and other device.

WhatsApp 2018 Web for PC New Version - WhatsApp 2018

WhatsApp 2018| WhatsApp 2018 Web for PC New Version - Since last Year, WhatsApp, the instant messaging top which is now owned by Facebook, has been able to enjoy users user desktop and laptop via WhatsApp Web. However. Service provider chats this one turned out not stop until there alone. They turned out developed the WhatsApp app for Windows and Mac and the application of the new release!

WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp 2018 Web for PC

Whatsapp is a messaging app that is most widely used by people around the world, beat some applications the sender of the message. Whatsapp has become a subsidiary of Facebook this has been present with a variety of features in it, and quite regularly receive updates.

there is an easy way if you want to stay connected with your friends WhatsApp contacts in addition to using a smartphone, using a computer You can still chat with your contacts through the computer.

If the previous chat on Messenger WhatsApp can only be done on your Smartphone, now on your computer with the help of WhatsApp 2018 Web for PC can also do the same thing. An agent who became one of the popular messengers today is very often used in the Smartphone to save the data in the smartphone, the version of WhatsApp 2018 Web for PC also can be run by relying on a WiFi network.

How to Use WhatsApp Web for PC New Version 2018

WhatsApp Web New Version 2018 - For those of You who want to sync your WhatsApp account on your Smartphone and on your Computer and can be used in both of these devices are actually very easy to run the WhatsApp Messenger 2018 this on your computer, You just renew the version of WhatsApp You then You can follow and can be spelled out this way is a quick way to use WhatsApp on your PC or laptop. Namely with the browser.

Its own way easily. But there is the main requirement, i.e., You must first have an account with WhatsApp, and hp is no WhatsApp application.
  1. First, go to the page of WhatsApp 2018 Web for PC. Can with a click on the link for WhatsApp Web.
  2. If successful, the display will appear with the barcode.
  3. Next open hp Android or iPhone there WhatsApp.
  4. Then for Android, tap on the menu or the image is three in the upper right corner of the screen WhatsApp.
  5. Later will appear the menu of WhatsApp Web, tap on there.
  6. Furthermore, the camera will open and seems column a barcode scanner. Scan the barcode on a web page in a laptop you. And in a matter of seconds, the screen your browser will display a panel chat WhatsApp like in hp.

WhatsApp 2018 Web for PC New Version

Uniquely, this way as long as you don't break the relationship via WhatsApp with the browser and PC that is used, you do not need to log in every time you want to use WhatsApp.

Just open the web page, and you will be logged in automatically. Also, if you attach a page of WhatsApp is in the bookmarks bar, will also appear notifications WhatsApp in there.

And You can easily chat on WhatsApp 2018 Web for PC  without worrying about the data on Your Smartphone is quickly discharged. This way allows You the synchronization account Messenger were when You use your computer or laptop and connect to the internet there is no harm in utilizing the WiFi connection to communicate via Whats App.

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